Q: What is this benefit? 
A:  Visa Infinite cardholders are invited to reserve tee times at participating Troon Privé private clubs at a rate of $99 (+ Tax where applicable) per player per round. Cardholders may bring up to three guests at the same rate on each tee time they make and may play each course up to two times per year.  An eligible U.S.-issued Visa Infinite credit card is required to make tee time reservations at Troon Privé clubs. 
In addition, Visa Infinite cardholders are entitled to receive complimentary Gold status in the Troon Rewards® program. Existing Troon Rewards members will be upgraded to the next membership level. With the Gold and Platinum membership levels, the cardholder will be entitled to a 15% and 20% discount respectively on golf fees reserved on the Visa Infinite Troon website or on merchandise purchases made at the golf properties when using their Visa Infinite credit card.
Reservations must be made on the Visa Infinite Troon website using a Visa Infinite credit card. Additional requirements are outlined in the complete Troon Golf Benefit Offer Terms & Conditions, available at troongolfrewards.com/visainfinite. 
Q: How do I participate in this benefit? 
A: You can participate in this benefit by completing the following steps: Visit troongolfrewards.com/visainfinite. 
1. Enter all 16 digits of your Visa Infinite credit card number to verify you are eligible for the Troon Golf benefit. The card number is used for verification of eligibility for the offer. Your information is transmitted over high-level encryption (SSL) and is not used for any other purposes. 
2. Once you are verified, you may choose to either enroll in Troon Rewards or submit a request for tee times at a participating Troon Privé course at a rate of $99 player.  Troon Rewards discounts are not available on tee times booked at Troon Privé courses.  
3. If you enroll in Troon Rewards or have already enrolled, you may also reserve a tee time at the Troon daily fee courses at which you receive a discount based on your Troon Rewards status. Use your Visa Infinite credit card to complete the reservation request.
Q: How do I know if I have an eligible Visa card? 
A: If you are unsure if your credit card is eligible for the Troon Golf benefit, please contact Customer Service by calling the phone number on the back of your Visa Infinite credit card.
Q: Why do I have to enter my entire 16-digit card number at troongolfrewards.com/visainfinite How will Visa use this information? 
A: Visa will use your 16-digit Visa card number for the following purposes: 
• To validate that you are a Visa Infinite credit cardholder that is eligible for this offer. 
• To track overall use of the Troon Golf benefit so that Visa can evaluate whether to offer more programs like these in the future. 
Q: Why am I receiving an error message? 
A: You may be receiving an error message for one or more of the following reasons: 
• You are not entering a valid Visa Infinite credit card number. 
• You may have a new Visa Infinite credit card that has not yet been added to our validation system. 
• Please contact Customer Service to confirm your eligibility for the Troon Golf benefit. 
Q: Can I use another credit or debit card to pay for this purchase? 
A: No. To receive the Troon Golf benefit, you must use your valid Visa Infinite credit card to pay for your reservation. 
Q: What does the Troon Rewards discount apply to? 
A: Please visit http://www.troongolf.com/troon-rewards-faqs.html for a full explanation of the Troon Rewards discount program. 
Q: Which golf courses are available to select from? 
A: A list of Troon Privé golf courses at which Visa Infinite cardholders receive special access, as well as the daily fee courses at which Visa Infinite cardholders who have enrolled in the Troon Rewards benefit receive discounts may be found at troongolfrewards.com/visainfinite. 
Q: How many times may I use the discount in any given year? 
A: Eligible Visa Infinite credit cardholders can book up to two rounds at each participating Troon Privé club per year, but can use the general Troon Rewards discount an unlimited number of times, as long as they remain eligible and as long as they meet the offer terms and conditions. 
Q: I just reserved a tee time using my Visa Infinite credit card on another site. May I apply the discount on this reservation? 
A: No, the Troon Golf benefit is only valid for reservations made on the Visa Infinite Troon website (troongolfrewards.com/visainfinite). The benefit is not retroactive and may not be applied to previously made reservations. 
Q: Whom do I contact if I’m having an issue with the Troon Golf Benefit? 
A: All service-related questions should be directed to the Troon Concierge at 1.888.876.6687